Wildlife Management Consultants offers a variety of services in wildlife management and natural resource consulting. Our biologists have consulting experience throughout the southeastern United States and can provide best wildlife management solutions for every situation. These services will help you achieve your short-term objectives and long-term goals.



If you intend to construct and/or manipulate areas within certain “sensitive” habitats (wetlands or other waters, potential threatened or endangered species habitat), WMC can ensure your activities are in compliance with local/state/federal regulations. From the blueprints to permitting (if necessary) to construction, WMC can help with the planning of that project. Please contact us for more information.


Game / Non-Game Surveys

Surveying your property to determine population estimates of game and non-game species is an important tool for managing your property. For example, estimates obtained from a deer survey can provide valuable information on population (acres per deer), buck to doe ratio, and fawn survival rate. Non-game surveys are equally important; especially if you are encountering population problems with preferred species.


Habitat Evaluations / Land Analysis

Information gathered from your property can be assimilated to provide you with the best practical land use ideas either for recreation or for hunting/ranching operation. It may be time to revisit your goals and ideas if your land doesn’t seem to be producing what you expected (or if you have acquired new property and are not certain of what your goal should be). WMC can assist you in determining what type of operation is most cost effective and efficient or help you determine what it takes to reach your ultimate goal. Whether you want big deer for hunting, a fishing operation, rice farming, small game hunting, cattle operation, waterfowl leases, eco-tourism, or a mix of everything.


Habitat Manipulation

There are many ways to enhance the quality of habitat on your property. WMC can assist you by utilizing numerous methods for habitat manipulation. Some of these techniques: prescribed burning, rollerchopping, aerating, brush removal or enhancement, discing, etc.



Wildlife Management Consultants can help you map specific locations (hunting/fishing areas, ponds, creeks, camp location, etc) on your property or map the entire property for a comprehensive view. This data can be downloaded on an aerial photograph or topographic map of your property. These detailed maps can be displayed for hunters, other guests, and/or family to help understand the layout of the property and decrease the risk of getting lost or driving up on another hunter. If you are in need of recent aerial photography of your property or need historic aerial photography, WMC can fly the property (drone/fixed wing aircraft) or obtain the necessary photographs.


Scientific Breeders Permit

Scientific Breeder Permits (SBP) can be obtained from the State of Texas (Texas Parks and Wildlife) for those who wish to own, breed, sell, or restock properties. A Certified Wildlife Biologist can help you obtain the information necessary to apply for a SBP.


Wildlife Management Plans

Wildlife management plans are a valuable tool for managing the resources on any property. The plans help set short term objectives and long term goals for the type of operation the landowner desires. Some of the information gathered for the plans includes harvest recommendations, population estimates of game and non-game species, land use analysis, an assessment of the quality and quantity of habitat available, habitat manipulation recommendations, feeding needs, historic land uses, etc.

The plans can also be used to assist with Wildlife Tax Exemptions (Texas Constitution, Article VIII, Section 1-d-1), Managed Lands Deer Permits, Trap and Transfer Permits , and other state and federal programs.


Wildlife Tax Use Exemptions

Are you interested in changing your existing agricultural exemption to a wildlife tax use exemption? WMC can help you gather the necessary information and serve as a liaison between you and the County providing the wildlife tax exemptions.